We offer a comprehensive alarm response service New Jersey to any anyone who utilizes an alarm system, whether it is your private home alarm, business alarm, man down system or panic button, you can count on ESS to respond to your alarm call quickly and effectively, giving you the peace of mind that trained professionals are on their way!

Trusted by the best alarm companies in the industry such as Tyco, ADT and various other local alarm companies!

Our area of Responsibilities are as follows:

alarm response

Our Alarm Response Procedure is as follows:

  • When an alarm is received by your alarm company, their call center will alert our command center, which is operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • The Security Officer is immediately dispatched and proceeds to the property for which the alarm occurred to investigate the cause of the alarm.
  • Once the officer arrives, he or she will conduct a complete and thorough perimeter check to ensure there are no signs of forced entry (break-in).
  • If signs of forced entry are detected the local Police Department is immediately notified and requested to attend the scene. The property representatives are also contacted once the immediate danger has been resolved.
  • If no signs of forced entry are noticed the officer will enter the premises to determine the cause of the alarm.
  • Prior to leaving the site, the officer will ensure all access points to the premises are properly secured.
  • You will then receive a full report of the alarm response instantly once the officer clears from your premises via e-mail.
FeaturesPolice DepartmentElite Task Force
Priority of Alarm ActivationsNon-coded, routine callHighest priority
Average Response Time20 to 120 Minutes5 to 15 Minutes
Access to the FacilityNo keys & No accessSecured Key Handling making patrol officers capable of effectively searching the premises
Facility FamiliarityNoneIntimately familiar with existing guard customer locations
Status ReportCustomer must request police reportA detailed report is emailed to you immediately which can be used as a resource to reduce false alarms
Notification of incidentsRely upon monitoring companyImmediate notification to law enforcement & customer
Security CoverageNoneAvailable Immediately
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