In January of 1995 Elite Strategic Security was founded. The vision was to create a private protection and investigations business with professional and ethical standards serving the private and public sectors thus effectively raising the bar in the security and investigations industry.

The Company is made up of five divisions

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The first division is the Executive Protection Division. This division provides protection to Corporate, Celebrity, Dignitary, and VIP clientele. Our Agents are highly trained to handle sensitive and logistical situations. All aspects of our clients protection will be addressed through our personal protection teams in the most efficient, skilled and confidential manner. Our teams are available for national and international assignments.

Our second division is the Guard and Patrol Division

This division provides Agents for events, property protection and public safety situations. Our patrol teams provide Paramedics and First responders, combined with armed or unarmed agents to provide response to alarms and on call requests to neighborhoods and business communities. Our Team can consult and/or develop your security plan of action.


The third division is the Sworn Officer Division

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This division provides off-duty uniformed Police Officers for traffic control, public safety and property protection. Our Company works hand in hand with the local Police Departments all over the State to provide the most efficient way for the private sector to secure uniformed security services.

The fourth division is the Private Investigation Division

This part of our Company provides short or long-term investigations for both the public and private sectors for both criminal and civil cases. Our Agents capabilities include interview and interrogations, loss prevention investigations, surveillance, and undercover operations. Our state certified expert private investigators consist of Agents with experience in numerous government agencies.


The fifth division is our training and seminar division.

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Our Agents with backgrounds in military, government, and police departments can conduct and are licensed to provide certified training to police and SWAT teams, firearms training, Rapid Deployment (for schools and local police, fire and medical teams), hostage rescue, as well as corporate seminars on national and international travel threat assessments, office bomb threat procedures, Rape defense for women and many other safety procedures including a complete security assessment and safety procedure manual for your facility.

ESS is in full compliance with the New Jersey Department of Public Safety, and carries millions of dollars in liability insurance. Our reputation has been built on trust, integrity, and confidentiality, which has helped us become one of the most reputable companies in New York / New Jersey area, and we will continue to strive to provide the most professional and confidential consulting and protections services available.

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